CrossFit 503

We Are Dedicated To Making Our Clients Lives Better

When our clients begin to get fit and truly healthy, every aspect of their lives improve.

CrossFit 503 offers one on one instruction and the most hands on small and large group training classes around. We are committed to making a difference in our clients lives through extraordinary training and support. Our goal for all our members is that fitness becomes a lifestyle. We want to transform the idea of going to the gym from something you have to do into something you get to do. From here we have the prospect of a lifetime practice

that can transform surviving life into thriving with longevity, functionality and resilience.

Think of the gym as a playground. Your hour here is a recess from life…it’s a release valve for stress and a time to have fun and learn new skills. The training we do is ultimately about improving the quality of our lives outside the gym the remaining 23 hours of our day, and for the rest of our life.

CrossFit is for anyone looking to become strong, fit and healthy. We have clients from 18 to 65. If however, you have orthopedic issues or injuries that may require individualized attention then private training with one of our coaches would be the path recommended.
While CrossFit can create top athletes, it is unique in its universal scalability. Our coaches will help you scale load and intensity, enabling all clients to participate in the same program, but one that is unique to their strength level and skill set. Our program is truly for anyone! But don’t just take our word for it, come and try a class for free and see for yourself!
While staff is incredibly supportive, the enthusiasm among members is equally contagious. This unique atmosphere of encouragement can only be truly experienced firsthand. Come to CrossFit 503 and see for yourself!
A coach leads the group and guides individuals through an hour session which is comprised of a warm up, a strength or skill section, a conditioning section and finishing with accessory work or mobility.
Sustainable training is our goal. We focus on teaching our clients to move safely and efficiently. That’s why we have high quality coaches to lead the workout sessions. With quality movement and thoughtful programing injuries are not an issue. There is a progression to everything. Don’t worry about not being able to do it. You’ll do it at a level that is appropriate to your current skill and strength.

Some of What You Can Expect at CrossFit 503

  • A welcoming and supportive community.
  • Personal coaching in fun small groups.
  • Nutrition guidance, support and workshops.
  • Personal performance tracking; measurable results.
  • Access to special training seminars.
  • Community events.
  • A program with a history of making lives better.
  • A trusted network of health professionals & additional resources


We work hard at creating a fun, supportive atmosphere at the gym. When you become a member you don’t just get in shape, you get an awesome community that works to support you and your goals.

“WOW – coming to CrossFit has changed my life!”

I’ve been going here for about 3 months now. All the coaches have made it easy for me to start off where I felt comfortable. I was really worried that the atmosphere might be too “macho” and that there would be to much pressure. I am so grateful that this gym is nothing like that. There are people of all ages and sizes here, all supporting each other to do the best they can. I never leave disappointed.

Thank you for what you have created in your gym. this is certainly a new experience for me (to join a gym like yours. i’ve done yoga or dance classes, but that’s it.), and i felt grateful for the hospitality, warmth, and support that i experienced. I think i’m gonna like this place!
Klarissa O
Just wanted to say what a great job you guys all seem to do. You have helped me find new motivation for my personal fitness that was beginning to waiver the past few months. I look forward to enjoying everything you and your team can throw at me.
Scott E
“It’s good to be working out at your gym again and thanks for being so helpful about modifications. I feel good about the workouts and even though I modify a lot I am getting so much more exercise and the variety is great! I am so glad I found out about your gym!”
Steve D

I’m ready to GET FIT!

Contact us to schedule a free consultation session and we’ll help you get started with a program that fits your needs.

Get Fit!